Mic and controller question

My partner and I share the driving so using a headset cuts her out of the conversation.
What I want to do is use a mic only and have the chat come out of the TV so we can both hear it.

I was wondering if the xbox one S controller was compatible with the regular Xbox one and also if i plugged a mini mic into the port would it all work?
OR if I purchased the headset adaptor for the original controller with the headset port and used a mini mic in that would it achieve what I want to do?

I dont want to use a wired headset and adjust the sound output to TV as it makes passing the controller back and fourth difficult when its tied to my headset…

Anyone done something similar that works?

Perhaps a wirless USB mic plugged directly to the console input??? that would be perfect but I cant find any info if it works


The xbone s controller will work with the original xbone
All xbone devices will work on all xbones
They will work on the upcoming xbone x as well

Thanks Talby,

That solves the first question, does anyone knowif I can plug a mic into the controller- NOT a headset? just a mic