Message center gift car livery

Hi all,

any chance to get or restore the Kwik-Fit (VW Baja Bug) and New Year’s EVE (Chevy Camaro SS Coupe) livery? I’ve gifted both cars because they were shown as the normal stock cars on the thumbnails in the garage.
I already bought one of these cars from the auction house, but it loses the livery when you get it then.

Many thx, Thomas

… or someone knows if the livery is lost when you get such a car as a gift - then I would like to offer some cars for exchange :wink:

My best suggestion in to try purchasing from the auction again. I bought five or six to put my own liveries on and send out as gifts. All of the cars I bought showed the gift livery on in the auction house, and all but one had the livery intact when I checked them out in the garage.

Unfortunately, purchase from the Auction House doen’t work for most of these. You can find them in the listings, but if you buy them, they will revert to the default livery. It seems to have something to do with the Painter being listed as “STOCK”. This appears to be the case on most gift liveries at this point. If the Painter says “Little Vixen”, then the livery will be preserved. I accidentally gifted away the “ugly sweater” Viper and have been unable to replace it for this reason. On the other hand, I accidentally deleted the Xbox Porsche 918, but was able to obtain a replacement for that one.

I’ve got the “New Year’s”-Chevy in FH4 - is it possible, to export the livery to FH5?