Mercedes SLR McLaren 2004-2013

I hope we only get Hybrids and traditional ICE Modern cars EVs are too boring and most of them dont offer motor swaps a lot of them dont even make it to S2 Class and most of them look ugly and have no fun driving experience I AM TIRED OF MOBILE COMPUTERS


I hope so too. EVs aren’t worth it to me.

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I have been seeing less and less evs(pure evs) on updates over the months some had 0 and the newest one only has 1 thats also Hydrogen but without a combustion engine so I dont care but the GR Yaris Hydrogen is cool its zero emissions yet runs a combustion engine both EFuels and Hydrogen sound good for the future of combustion engines I wonder if the devs are listening that we dont want pure evs


But you got to put it in dev lingo so it could be anything past the 2000s is modern you don’t know but I get what you’re saying here the MC20 has to be up there if it comes I’ll lose my mind figuratively of course


++ please


The Car is in The Crew and Gran Turismo since 2018 without any issues.
So it’s probably a Forza issue