Menu - Vinyl groups take an age to load and they're in a random order (1745045)

After 10 months it is truly incredible that they still haven’t solved this problem.

I wasted hundreds of hours making over 500 vinyls, and now, every time I want to apply one to a car, I have to wait 4 to 7 minutes. Is it possible that they don’t realize that the longevity of this title also depends on the availability of free liveries created by us users? I hate to complain, but in this case I don’t understand how, after all these months, they manage to ignore this huge problem.

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They get away with it because the game is released now and they’ve gotten all the money they can, hence not caring.

They’ve gotten away with it since it’s possible to create liveries for all the old cars in previous Forza games and then import those into FM. Without that feature, we’d barely have ANY community created liveries.

Nobody has enough patience to create a bunch of liveries in FM if 80-90% of the creation process consists of vinyl group loading time!

I can without hesitation claim to have made and shared 100s of new liveries for the new cars in FM by now if it wasn’t for the “broken” design process.

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A few weeks ago I finally gave up in frustration, and deleted all 400 of my groups.

If I decide to paint in this game in the future, I’ll only import when necessary.

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I’m sorry to hear that you felt you had to do that. But I’m not surprised. It’s become obvious that the devs just don’t care about the design community anymore.

Only the broken parts of the game that enough players get loud about get any proper attention, and the design community has barely any people left to do the screaming.

random long load times. sometimes greater than 5 minutes!!! what is it trying to do for it to take so long? it must be some sort of odd joke

QOL change needed asap

or just paint in any other horizon or motorsports and import because this just isnt fun to paint in FM8.