Media tips for your Xbox from your phone (Android)

A few tips I’ve picked up recently for you guys:

On the 360: selecting the play all option while on the dashboard will allow you to play all of the songs if you have over 90-100 songs (Tested and confirmed with an Android device [4.3 Jellybean, Sony’s custom Android OS] and 216 songs)

For both 360 and One: downloading iMediaShare Personal will allow you to play media (It wasn’t able to do it with pictures but I only tried once) from your phone to your Xbox. (Tested with App version 1.0.2, Confirmed for Xbox One… haven’t tried it with the 360 yet) Very useful if you want to play a movie from your phone onto your Xbox (Also works with Smart TVs and Apple TV) Personally I had no problems with it, if you close xbox video then the video will stop and you will need to restart it again. Handy on the 360 as you can’t explore your phones files when searching for videos. Also handy on the One which doesn’t let you explore your storage at all. Played both movies and songs on my Xbox One through this app without any interruptions.

If you guys have any tips for other people feel free to post them.