Mdgamer's Drift / Gymkhana Gallery

Hey everyone just thought i’d show off a few designs i have made. All using Drift or Gymkhana as a recurring theme. enjoy and all if not most designs are available for download if you search my name cheers :slight_smile:

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First off we have a Subaru WRX with paint based on the Hoonigan WRX from Dirt 3

Dirt 3 WRX_1

Dirt 3 WRX_2

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Next we have a crazy MINI with DomesticMango’s Logo on the roof



Next we have a Chevy SS Inspired by DomesticMango



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Also feel free to leave a comment if there is a car you would like seen done. :slight_smile: Cheers

Next we have a car that i personally loved when it was first created by DomesticMango back in the days of Forza Motorsport 4

The Dubstep Audi

Dubstep 1

Dubstep 2


I dig this one!

Call me “old fashioned” but dude an rx-7 painted this way would be KILLER.

Love your designs and inspiration!

Thanks that means alot i’ll get right on it :slight_smile:

Hey Cudafish this ones for you

It’s available for download if you like
RX7 1
RX7 2
RX7 3

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Thanks that means alot :slight_smile:

It wouldn’t be a Drift showcase without some form of Skyline :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




This next one isn’t really a drift design, but it could be and i really like it

USAF Lambo

Lambo 1

Lambo 2

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This next one i personally like. It is a carbon fiber version of the Falken Mustang, only its an Aston

Aston 1

Aston 2

Note: If your going to use this design i recommend removing the spoiler and front splitter

Similar to the Lambo, this one isn’t restricted to drift but i think it really suits it. The car is a 1971 Plymouth GTX 426 HEMI
It is an old fashion USAF Paint . Enjoy



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