Mazda spirit r type a a class build needed?

not sure if this car would even be good in a class or what tracks it would be good in. i know i can buy a tune on the market but wonder if anyone has any where they use.

which kind of tune do you need and what class i could help you out

From what he wrote and the title of this thread - I’d guess A Class, but that’s just a guess ;^)

I’m not anywhere near my xbox right now - will answer my own question later, but is this the RX7 that has Mazda Furai engine swap option?! (it’s been quite awhile, too long since I’ve looked at this one)

yes a class

if you’re looking for an opinion - I’d say it’s better in B Class than A.

While t’s certainly possible to build an A or even an S Class with it, it seems limited by the size of tire/grip available …for general road racing purposes anyway.

I put together an A Class setup for it w/that Furai engine swap - interesting enough, but… I’ll bet, perhaps more appropriately, there are some pretty sweet drift setups out there for this car w/that engine! if you like the sound of hornets, angry hornets ;^)

really if i have to make it an drift car only i could allow it but i tried a drift tune and the gears were way to long. i really wanted it to be a decent a class car.

Lemme see what I can work up for you.