Mazda Grand Familia 1971-1978

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Mazda Grand Familia

This model was also sold as the

  • Mazda 808
  • Mazda 818
  • Mazda Mizer
  • Mazda RX-3
  • Mazda Savanna
  • Kia Brisa II
  • Kia K303

This model has been featured in Forza as the

  • 1973 Mazda RX-3 (FH1, FH4 | FM5-FM)


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  • Coupé
  • Sedan
  • Wagon
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  • 1.3L Inline-4
  • 1.5L Inline-4
  • 1.6L Inline-4
  • 1.0L 2-Rotor
  • 1.1L 2-Rotor
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I’d love to see an RX-3 wagon


People who like rx7s and 8s you would never got the rx7 if the predecessors didn’t exist so vote for it


Pls pls pls if you add this don’t let us down once again and give it a proper widebody. There’s so many race kits for this



1973 Mazda Savanna GT

What’s strange is that the American version of the Savanna GT, the RX-3, has been present in past games, but seems to have the performance figures of the Savanna GT. Time for a right-hand drive correction.


i vote that the rx3 should be in forza horizon 5

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Yes but with a proper body kit. This was always a bit let down

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