Mazda 323 / Protege / Familia 1989-1994

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Mazda 323 (Sixth generation)

This topic is vor voting on models other than the 1992 Mazda 323 GT-R currently in FH5.


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  • 3-door hatchback
  • 4-door sedan
  • 5-door fastback
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1986-1988 Mazda Familia 323 GTX hatchback (sedans look really cool too) dual rear spoiler (bottom and top of boot)

Thanks for your great work!

this is i believe the BG GT version. don’t know much about it though


It should be called the Familia in Forza Motorsport 2023, unlike in Horizon 5, because the Familia is fully a JDM.

'85-'87 323 3-door Hatchback:

'85-'87 323 5-door Hatchback:

'85-'87 323 Sedan:

'85-'87 323 Wagon:

'86 323 Turbo 5-door Hatchback:

'88-'89 323 3-door Hatchback:

'88-'89 323 5-door Hatchback:

'88-'89 323 Sedan:


'89-'92 323 3-door Hatchback:

'90-'94 323 Astina 5-door Hatchback:

'89-'91 323 Sedan Pre-Facelift:

'93-'94 323 Sedan Facelift:


Happily acquired the 323 GT-R for FH5 as I used to have a 1990 323 BG 1,6 GLX Sedan in metallic current blue (light blue metallic colour). 323 Sedan would be cool addition if possible :slight_smile:
Before that, had also a pre-facelift 1982 Mazda 323 BD 1,3 3-door Hatchback in metallic light green colour. It was my first car. Perhaps 323 BD 1,5 GT would be suitable version for Forza Horizon 5.
My car in the pic below had some aftermarket extras like air deflectors at the hatch and door side protectors. On the other hand, rear wheel center cups and rear splash guards are missing.