Mazda 3 2004-2009 (Axela)

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Mazda 3 (Ninth generation)

This model has been represented in Forza games as the

  • 2009 Mazda Mazdaspeed 3 (FM3-FM4)
  • 2005 Mazda Axela Sport 23S (FM2-FM4)
  • 2004 Mazda 3 Sport (FM1)


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Which bodystyle do you prefer?

  • Hatchback
  • Sedan
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Photo of the Model


Genuinely one of a handful of cars I would pay for to appear in Forza again, even using the old model (though I’d much rather see it properly scanned). It’s also one of my favourite cars in Motorsport 4, incredibly fun to drive even when it’s almost stock, back then it felt like going 200 km/h was lightspeed.


I meet this model on another game but i would love see this car on Motorsports or even Horzon 5

Please bring this legend back


Better than the 2010 model, this is the true Mazdaspeed 3 we want


The 1st-gen Mazdaspeed 3 is the best imo. I have played it in NFS games, and now I want to see it again in a new racing game like Forza, in their new titles.

Even if the 2nd Mazdaspeed 3 is currently an AI traffic car, please bring the 1st one back and I will drive it for a very looooong time as this will be my most favorite Mazda ever driven.


why not both?~


Because the 2010 model is ugly imo

I will say again, why not both cars?~

Just one car, because i personally like this 2009 generation of Mazdaspeed 3, which i drove it back in Need For Speed games and i want to drive it in the new Forzas. So i didn’t want the 2010 model to be added back because it “smiles too much.” I already made my answer so just don’t ask me that again.

lol but mazda fun is exactly that, specially on miatas

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2004 Mazda 3


2009 Mazda 3 and Mazdaspeed 3


We need this one on the forza games again!
Please add it to horizon 5

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I have the 2010 model and they are both amazing cars and definitely should be added on FH

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I’d love to see this hatchback come back, it only ever appeared in motorsport 3 and 4.


Please bring this lovely car back in Forza! We definitely need more variation in our Mazda’s as we basically only have RX-7’s and Miata’s to choose from.

Adding some Mazda 3’s would be a breath of fresh air for our Mazda’s and Hot Hatch selections. Add the regular 3 too because it’s cool to drive a normal car in Horizon :smiley:


We definitely need more “everyday” cars in the game. I’m sick of generic hypercar #753201367126. :laughing:

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MotorWeek just uploaded an old review of this car:

Btw; since when is 2007 considered retro??? :sob:

I think a lot of people consider 15+ years old retro. I’m not sure what I’d classify as retro though. The 350z is definitely a “retro” sports car to me, so maybe 20+?

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