Matchmaking is bad

They’ve had more than 18 years to tweak this series and get something that really works.
After this studio has been at it for this long, they should have every aspect of this game polished to a blindingly bright shine.


There are lots of relatively simple things that could be done to make this game substantially better - many of which would not require some advanced alien technology from the distant future nor a massive workforce consisting of the world’s top experts.

The ideas are there.
The capabilities are there.
The delivery is not.
Their priorities appear to be elsewhere.


And 8 updates and nothing has changed, nothing is fixed in MP. I waited 8 months before trying MP thinking it would have been sorted but No, No it’s not, even the smallest things like wheel spacers haven’t been fixed

I find myself asking what really goes on in a working week at the Turn10 headquarters, is it 10am starts and 2pm finishes Tuesday to Thursday playing GT7 whilst talking about the new Taylor Swift album or is there No headquarters and they are struggling to find any 18/6ers using their MySpace account to post for expendable coders needed to fix game


It feels like prior FM were built with passion with a group of devs taking up an entire floor of office space; where they could bounce ideas off each other. A bug needs fixing, one dev could walk over to the next cubicle and they could sort it out.

Not it feels like T10 is a dispatch center sending out help requests to any random “work from home” dev around the world that feels up for the job of fixing the countless problems with this game

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Yes, the game feels like it was poorly stitched together from a lot of people working remotely, not only feeling like it’s stitched together you can see the seams clearly on most of the circuits.