Massive pop in issues

Can somebody help me here?

I haven’t played Forza for a while, and I decided to go back to it after the Porsche expansion was released. Since I installed the expansion and the game update, I’ve been experiencing terrible pop in, to the point of making the game unplayable. I can forgive elements of the back ground occasionally popping in and out, but I’m having the entire road disappear from under my car. And this is happening constantly.

I don’t know if this is a problem unique to me, or if others are getting it, but I would like to know if there is any way to fix it.

have you tried a hard reset of your console? try that and check back in :slight_smile:

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Done that already. No difference.

Feel like its just you. Would see more post if it was a thing affecting everyone who downloaded it. Sounds like either your Xbox is messed up or a mod gone bad.

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I have no pop in. Looks like you might need a fresh install…

Are you using an external HDD? It could be dying if so.

Sounds like a HDD issue, not being able to stream in the textures etc.
Try a fresh install if possible. Delete the game data first but NOT your save data.
Then install the game followed by the expansion, then do a hard reset, then you should be ready to play.

I did consider that it may be a problem with the external hard drive, so I moved the game install to the internal hard drive. It didn’t change anything, so I think the game file may be corrupted, and I may need to re-download the game.

Sounds like it if you moved it and it’s still happening. Does your Xbox get plenty of air, lots of space around it? It could also be overheating.

I had exactly the same problem, track disappears from under you. And objects appear and disappear. Had problem for a few weeks. Pausing the game and resuming sometimes helped. I have an external drive but F6 was installed on the internal HD. I’m afraid the only way I could cure this problem was to reset to factory defaults. Actually doing this helped with other issues I was having like Kinect switching on and off, and some connection issues.

The game will very rarely exhibit pop in during racing but only if you’re looking hard and nitpicking, otherwise it runs fine. However, I have noticed pop in on several tracks while watching replays and they seem to happen at the exact same spots - nothing game-breaking though.

Are you doing a full hard reset? I.e. unplugging the brick too and letting it sit for a minute or more before plugging it back in? You have to wait for the power light to go from white to amber before you fire up the console.

Also clear up your Persistent Storage thrice and Alternate MAC Address. Might help.

This issue is definitely unique to your situation I’m afraid… apart from the minor pop in during replay viewing, I’ve never had the road disappear on me or anything like that. I think the only time I’ve experienced that is in FM2!

No this is not what he is talking about. I have had it where the track beneath you totally disappears. Infact if you are on bernese alps you see through the track and can see the mountains. This is what he is talking about - YouTube

Oh, and please ignore the time!! It had already happened a couple of times on the same lap, so I waited for it to stop. I’m not really that slow honest…

Try the factory reset, as it may solve the issue. But if it doesn’t, then you will need to contact Xbox support for the country you live in. Chances are they would ask you to do a factory reset anyway, so be preemptive and get it done and out of the way.

A full hard reset should fix this. If not… it could be a corrupt save.

Every time I go to VIR the floor loads in a split second after the transition from menu to race. Also on Brands in the wet sometimes cars will show their wire polygon frame thing (like overlapping ghost cars in FM5 did), also for a split second.

Very strange indeed. Have you talked to Xbox Support? And may I know if this happens in other games? Your Forza copy could be bad. Just a calculated guess.

Do you run the power supply through a voltage regulator of some sort? It should be going directly to the wall outlet, though I’m sure you’re doing that. If all else fails, you may need to do a factory reset on your console, reinstall Forza and resync your save with the cloud.

Thanks, I just thought it may have been an issue with the recent update. I don’t have a problem with other games and VIR runs fine otherwise. I might try re-installing the game to see if that helps.

Seeing the polygons that go into the car is pretty cool though!