Maserati misspelling?

It looks like the “Maserati Gran Turismo S” should not be spelled with two words, but one.
On it’s shown as one word “GranTurismo”. I’m surprised Maserati themselves didn’t notice FH5 has their product named incorrectly.

The all-new GranTurismo is a timeless masterpiece on wheels. Free of ostentation, pure and timeless it is an open invitation to explore the road less traveled.

There’s a lot of issues with the names of cars in Forza games. Some cars have too much information in their model names. Some don’t have enough. Some are just completely incorrect. Some are not formatted correctly. It’s the worst nightmare for a car enthusiast with OCD (such as myself), but some of these things have been wrong for decades, so I’m afraid they won’t be fixed anytime soon, though it would be nice despite being a minute fix and not really a high priority.

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Submit a ticket, and they will instantly solve it by giving the community 2 new WRX’s, 1 new Golf, and 1 new supra with a hideous bodykit on it.

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No, no, that’s not true. They’ll gift every player an exclusive pair of socks for their character.