Marshall197's Gallery (Updated 24/11/16) - A taste of Italy

Hi all,

Thought I’d take a stab at some photography…still just starting out but feedback would be greatly appreciated!



That’s a nice start! I especially love the Gallardo pics and the pic of the GT-R in the air.

First 2 pics and the gtr lights against the night sky are all nice. A couple of weeks in to my own forzatography addiction and best advice I can give is to really experiment with the sliders and the effect they have on a photo. What may seem boring can be completely transferred with some changes in lighting etc. Look forward to some more.

Hi guys,

Thanks for the nice comments - I’ve taken a few more tonight and will be adding to this post tomorrow evening.

Keep your eyes peeled!


A couple more…

Let me know what you think!


Nice capture :wink: I didn’t know that there are actually drivers in the trains.

Thanks, neither did I! I tried to take the picture from above the tram, but the camera just went into the cabin…turned out pretty well for something I didn’t mean to do!

While you have got the layout down in this shot, there is two things that could of been tweaked. And those are the saturation, which I think works best at zero for such a style of shot. Along with the exposure or brightness for one reason. Due to the current contrast, the shot is a bit dark.

Thanks for the feedback Pebb. I’ll take that on board and see what I can come up with over the weekend!

This is my favorite out of your recent photos:

Nice close up!

Like it a lot :slight_smile:

Hi guys,

A couple of new ones…

So I got the Alpinestars DLC last night…

More of these to come. If anybody has a design they want me to use on a car then let me know!

First two pictures and this last one …, WOW! Very nice!

There are some very nice pictures here, keep it up man, you’re doing great!

Cool shot!

Took a few cars out for the first time last night.

Give me a shout if you want me to feature one of your designs.

Feedback always appreciated!


Edit: post removed.

Nice use of shutter speed and aperture, and I like the low contrast look as well. Nice shot!