MarioV8HEMI Photostream!

Hi everybody! This is the first time I participate here! I hope you like my pics!! Any feedback is welcome and if anybody like to take group pics like the Sierra & M3 ones, add me as friend.

Let’s go with some photos.

Beautiful pics,Mario =) Nice job!

I would definitely agree, really great shots ;] Would love to see more of your work ;]

Love this one ;]

Thanks both for your opinion!! I’m not the creator of any of the design I have used on any car.

More pics from yesterday in Le Mans

Stock Sierra Cosworth meet at the Nurburgring!

Very COOL Mario!! GREAT pics!!

Thanks CostlessCape92!

More pics!

Couple shots

First, one of my favorite drift cars, this '65 Pontiac GTO.

And this one I did not post before of the Sierra and M3 photoshoot!

nice work! great angles on subjects, great lighting also! and cool designs!

Thanks Evercool56!!

Three more shots!

A replica I made of this gr5 Pantera. All logos are not designed by me.

The Porsche photocomp pics and some more. Any feedback is welcome!

Any chance that you could frame this one up for me… would look awesome in the front room =)

Sorry I don’t understand what you mean Costless, my english is not the best haha.

New pics

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As I don’t have Xbox One yet, I post one pic I’ve taken from a friend’s profile in Forza 6. It’s amazing and a bit more difficult to drive in the Green Hell at night but it’s really funny.

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Little update with some old pics

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