Marc Hynes BTCC 2014 Design

For any of you BTCC Fans out there here is Marc Hynes 2014 Design for his Triple Eight MG,

There is no suitable MG car on FM5 so have used the Acura RSX which looks pretty close to the original

Car is available on FM5
Search - Marc Hynes BTCC 2014
or by my GT - NendoShisu

Nice job mate, I am liking the look. I do think you could edit the Quantel Q just a bit as the stock font isn’t quite right but all in all good job. I like the Union Jack and how that is integrated. Nice car, good recreation.

Nice painting, acurated replica. Keep up.

Wish they had the MG, and some of the other models from the btcc in FM5

Good work, it’s a shame we don’t have any BTCC cars in game.