Maple Valley Not Loading -XB1 S

Both in forza cup and free play, Maple valley will load for 20 minutes and never actually start up, will just continue loading. No other tracks have the issue, just maple valley. What gives?

Had the same issue with Laguna Seca, T10 said nothing just ignored all posts about the issue many are facing on here with countless different tracks. I tried everything to fix it myself only thing that worked to advance the game was deleting the game and re-downloading it all again :frowning:

I’ve just tried to avoid maple valley all together. Sad because it’s one track I have been excited to test out. Also had issues where body kits don’t load in. Hell if you notice the hoonicorn is just floating tires and a center hub. Hoping things get fixed real soon. despite the issues I’m still having a great time on what I can play

Have you tried hard resetting your console properly since installing the game fully

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Yes, i have ran through a proper power cycle 5 times.

And McSherlock, i am also doing a fresh reinstall will update this thread upon trying it after download is complete. I am on Xbox One S

Yes I have same issue with Sonoma Raceway, so I am in the process of reinstalling the entire 70gb!!!

Xbox One right?

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I am having a similar problem. I am trying to start the career i did the 3 intro races. then selected the first series. maple valley short circuit was the race in a john coooper works gp. and it just sat there loading endlessly. i left it for an hour with no progress. I checked to see if it was just the track by racing in free play. the track worked in free play. i tried a different car in career. it still just kept loading.