Manual with clutch / launch control / race start clutch engagement

This seems to be an issue that is the same problem as FM7, FH4 and FH5 with the way this game handles clutch and H pattern. Here is a report from FH5 by another user with the exact same issue.

I am just going to mostly just copy their report here since it is the exact same problem in Motorsport.

Related to: H-Shifter input handling, Launch Control logic, Clutch override at the race start.

When does it happen: Race start.

What’s the possible cause: Bad clutch override at the start of the race. Override it properly and the problem is solved.

Issue description (brief): When starting a race, when shifting is set to Manual with Clutch, having my H-shifter in 1st gear is enough for the car to bog on launch in the race. Using Manual (without clutch) setting and putting the H-shifter device in neutral (=> no shifter input to the game) makes the car launch properly.

So Manual with Clutch => doesn’t launch properly.
Manual (or auto?) with H-Shifter device in gear => doesn’t launch properly.
Manual (or auto?) with no H-Shifter or it in neutral sending no input => launches properly.

Possible solution: Right now, the game ignores clutch input for the first couple of seconds in a race, which is understandable with LC. You can make the clutch override act like auto clutch control so that the car doesn’t stall on launch and that would pretty much fix the issue.

How to reproduce and test: Use a wheel with an H pattern shifter. Load any race, not all cars are affected as much, seems ones with big turbos suffer the worst. Try the Ford #2 Capri. In settings make sure its set to Manual with Clutch difficulty. Start the race and launch as you would a real manual car, hold clutch in, engage 1st gear on H pattern, apply lots of throttle and dump the clutch. The car will just bog. Holding clutch does nothing at the race start (probably because of LC implementation) but the game doesn’t manage the clutch properly so the car launches really slowly without revving at the start / launches at idle. Also try with Manual/Auto shifting with your H-shifter device in neutral, it’ll be a normal good launch this time, as expected.

Unbind neutral gear (if u have it), put your car in neutral on start, don’t use clutch at all and let game do start for u, shift to 2nd like u would shift normally. (In race transmission cars like #2 Ford Capri u don’t need to use clutch at all when shifting unless u want to use reverse gear.

I’m having the same issue, albeit I use a wheel with paddle shifters.

I can not for the life of me get any car to pull away without stalling. It’s always a good 7 seconds before the car starts to pull away.

Has anyone got a work around?

Ive tried all sorts of combinations of clutch/throttle and nothing works.

I second this, the bog on take off certain race cars. Have really low gears and final drive should burn tires all day. Often getting rear ended on take off race start. Have to slip the clutch or keep dumping the clutch as it acts like it has air plane gears (300+mph gear ratio) in the rear end, when I have gears set for 1/4 mile drags(150mph).
I’ve experienced this mainly on forza gt turbo race cars( 800pi 2019 ferrari#62, 2020 lexus#14 and ta style cars like the Cadillac 2018 #57 ta CT’s-v for example. I’m sure there’s more as I haven’t drove everything.
Anyone else experience this?