Manual /w Clutch (advantage) gone?

Pulled from Chris Esaki on Twitter.

Didn’t see this posted here yet, sorry if it’s a duplicate.


Nice to see the boost will be gone but, what’s this about “smaller details like this that we (they) aren’t going to cover in the time up to the launch”? I hope wheel support and triple screen options aren’t smaller details. We should know something about both by now.

Also, resetting collidables? I’ll have to think that the game has very brave and quick corner workers, who replaces cones and marker boards in between laps. Or maybe think that the venues hired shoemaker elves, or something.

Good. DCT and modern automatics/mechatronics smoke manuals.

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This wasn’t even about IRL transmissions. It was about the phoney boost previous games in the franchise called a “feature”. Just about every race car has some form of sequential manual (GT3/4).

Not every moment is about which is better, sometimes some of us enjoy just rowing through the gears on a twisty road.

If you put a “modern auto/flappy paddle” in a '62 Ferrari, would it be faster? Most likely. Would it be better? Not a chance.


Fair enough. I did that for 20+ years. Every car I owned since I started driving was manual. Had my fill.

Since a lot of people probably do not know what this even means. I believe and tell me if I am mistaken that when you use manual with clutch you will now need to release the throttle in order to shift gears. I am so used to not doing that since why would you if it lets you (developers fault) that i am going to have to get used to this. I always figured a button clutch isn’t realistic in any way anyhow.

I always hated that on a controller. I always took the handicap and shift without clutch. Don’t even like the sound of the rev limiter each time you shift either

Corner cutting and ramming are far far far worse offenses. You know how many cutters would have beat me without that boost? That’s what was unfair.

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He specifically mentions in following tweets that powershifting and other unrealistic inputs were considered exploits and removed.

It’s a bit of a broad-brush fix for my liking tbh, many race cars are designed to shift this way, eg use of ignition cut to allow a flat/power shift, and some with no clutch too! Many street cars can powershift quite happily.

I guess if it’s done, then I hope at least there isn’t some pre-baked arbitrary minimum time I have to stay off the throttle.


This! This is a far worse problem I agree!

Haha! But we kind of need this, currently all the ground-based brake markers are all gone by the end of lap 1 when playing online…


I agree, people intentionally hit them to mess up the person behind them. I’ve been totally messed up by signs intentionally thrown at me many times. My UK friends call them bullards. Road America comes to mind. Then they are obstacles in the road. Let’s leave the obstacles in the racing line for Horizon. A cone or whatever is a marker for people using hardcore for braking so it’s really not fair to them. I’ll adapt to the shifting I’m not that worried. Worst case turn off the clutch which most race cars no longer have in that way anyway.

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Well, towards the end of FM7 they did work on track limits, I hope they continue on that front. As far as ramming, GT still has issues with properly handing out penalties, so I can’t imagine FM is going to be much different.

They have had some more time so fingers crossed. Microsoft probably has a more advanced AI to detect collisions maybe at this point. It’s awful in Horizon so who knows. Gives me a penalty for someone else pushing me into a wall. That was made years ago at this point yet they have made no effort to improve it. They also said there will be driver ratings like in Gran Turismo. Changing the track limits was fine but without adding penalties it made the cutting worse and just gave them more exploits. :man_shrugging:

I agree, the track limits were a bit aggressive when first implemented. Many tracks didn’t include the curbing so penalties were assessed for what would be a normal line through a turn.

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Much like the slow time it takes FM7 to fully open the clutch? I hope that doesn’t happen either. Having an actual pedal, I would assume the clutch is 1:1, but in FM7 it definitely isn’t. The delay in releasing the clutch does get smaller with an upgraded clutch, but it never goes away. Just implement realistic consequences from attempting to shift like some sort of human shaped PDK, and all will be good, no?

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100%, that clutch delay is immersion breaking and makes no sense. I never upgraded the clutch, and found that some cars were fine (seemed 1:1 to me at least), but some shocking, almost like some were programmed 1:1 and others used their ‘no-clutch’ shifting times.

DR2 sets a decent example of how to do it, 1:1 on all inputs, but it’s much more critical of throttle, shift, and clutch movements and timing, and kicks you to N if you get it wrong. That alone makes any unrealistically fast inputs very hard to time, and the penalty severe (including repeated misses when flustered… Vs FM7 just nicely delays your gear engagement then sets you on your way). And DR2 still let’s you power shift, as it should.

Holding my breath on this one, could be fine, or they could make mince meat of it…


Yes, that programming in the background ruins the experience of using a wheel in this game. When using my wheel, I know how fast I can shift accurately (non-missed shifts, etc.). The baked in delay on some cars can completely screw up your timing.

For this same reason, Assetto Corsa’s mods can only be taken 1/2 seriously, due to many modders use the baked in timing to “simulate” older gear boxes. What you end up with is someone’s interpretation of what it should feel like, since they most likely have never actually driven the car they created for the game.


Should we rehash the discussion about using real gearbox types (slush/converter, DSG, manual H, manual seq) as parts per car, instead of clutch being considered an assist? I swear it solves the problem :wink:


That is how it should be done. Perhaps someone at Turn 10 was paying attention to Dirt Rally 2. Fingers crossed.

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