Manual Vs manual + clutch

I’m surprised you haven’t tested this before considering you’re faster than pretty much everyone posting in the thread.

Ideally you’ll want to remove as many variables as possible, which ultimately means straight line testing. A good way to set this up would be:

  • Rivals
  • Road America
  • Launch the car, then keep going until you hit the wall at Turn 1
  • Record it on video
  • Restart, repeat twice more to get a running average
  • Repeat the full process for all transmission and assist options
  • Dump all the numbers into a spreadsheet and compare key metrics like highest speed before impact, time before impact, 0-60, 60-150 etc.

both are and were stock.

I did notice that manual clutch shifted faster and manual was easier to drive.

i got used to revmach when downshifting mid corner, maybe thats why i dont have any problems with m/c