Manual gears kill Automatic players?


I saw that in month rivals I’ve the best Automatic Time of the month, i can’t be really more fast because there is no more better trajectories i think. All Top 10 and more Do 1-2s best time in Manual Gear.
So i tested Manual gears.

Result is my trajectories are a bit less precise because i need to concentrate on gears and motor sound.
I can’t do a better time in manual gear for sure. So i asked me : “Why are Manual gears always faster ?”

Sudunly i remember when i was young i’d a motorcycling 50cc with no gear with no good acceleration. A friend gave me a little thing to put on my motor that it just a sort of command to kick and stay motor up to let it have a lot of (turn/minutes) and release it make my motorcycle got more power. Just like a clutch gear ?

So i tryed to configure a car in Forza with only one gear. I havn’t a good acceleration but when i jump my motor take a lot of (turn/minute) and my car finally attempt 300KM/H with only one gear and a few jumps !
I finally thought it was the solution to be faster. But, how guys without clutch do it ? I think they just take a gear down and re-up to have more power.

Is it right ?

Finally some people said me come to Forza, it’s fun arcade game but it’s not enough arcade for a pad player playing in automatic gears. I was a Trackmania fast player and here i can’t be fast because of gears and cars i can’t have…

Please nerf Manual gears. Or just put some damages on clutch like in reality !