Make pre-order cars compatible with their standard versions' livery!

Ok, so, I made a gift racing livery for my friend, for his main car.
After hours of work, turns out he can’t use it, as I made it on the normal McLaren 720S while he has the pre-order version.

PLEASE. Do something about this?

If you brought back gifts/transfers from Forza Horizon 1, that’d also be a dream came true, by the way: a way to privately and safely transfer things among friends.

Thank you.

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Maybe he can just use it on his regular version one
Most people get both

Yeah, but that doesn’t solve anything…
Besides, I did make the livery for the car he’s using.

Second this 200%!!!

Please allow us to gift the following to friends and/or party members:

  1. Liveries
  2. Cars (transfer from my garage to a friend’s)
  3. Clothing items

For tunes: please give us the power to decide whether to share locked or unlocked. Sharing unlocked with friends/party/convoy would be super helpful to assist all the noobs among friends and family that we lured into the game, and the noobs in the community that become friends. They can’t learn from what stays hidden to them, and we need better tuner-drivers in the game or MP stays as broken as it is now, despite all development efforts to make it better.

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U could save each side of the designed car as a vinylgroup and share it so your friend can dl them and put them on the car himself.
Just sayin