Major Nelson on the next chapter of his career

14 Jul 2023

After 20 incredible years, I have decided to take a step back and work on the next chapter of my career. As I take a moment and think about all we have done together, I want to thank the millions of gamers around the world who have included me as part of their lives. (1/3)

Also, thanks to Xbox team members for trusting me to have a direct dialogue with our customers. The future is bright for Xbox and as a gamer, I am excited to see the evolution.

Thank and I’ll see you online
Larry Hryb

P.S. The official Xbox Podcast will be taking a hiatus this Summer and will come back in a new format.

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Here are some moments with Major Nelson over the history of Forza:

Major Nelson at Turn 10 Studios with Dan Greenawalt (FM5):

Major Nelson and Forza’s partnership with Ford (FM6):

Major Nelson and Furious 7 (FH2):

Major Nelson and the Forza Warthog (FH3):


Pretty sure he was the first person to feature on an official gift paint in forza

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