Main thing your looking forward to in Forza 6?

Mine is driving the Mk1 capri around Brandshatch, I’d did this many times years ago in my own 3.0 GtXLR, I live 20 minutes from Brandshatch and so looking forward to driving it in Forza.

What about you guy’s?

512 BB/LM at night.

Super and Hypercar night racing.

Getting back into Forza and doing career mode. (I don’t have an XBox One right now so I’m doing the Forza bundle…which I’m also excited about.) Also the car customization which I enjoyed in the 360 versions of Forza. Since I’m not very good at road courses in particular I’m going to have to get comfortable with racing against the AI before I dare race against other drivers. (That’s the one negative about online sim racing…if you’re bad at it you can mess up other people’s races…not something I want to do.)

I’m still really new to the Forza series, with only having logged like 50 hours in Forza 4. I’m just looking forward to soaking up the next gen experience of the game, and maybe furthering my learning about tuning so I can improve my lap times.

Drifting in the rain and nightime on an srt 4 neon.

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Can’t wait to make some widebody paints to sell on the storefront and gift them to friends (oh, wait…).

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Widebody paints, is that like the Forza equivalent of those fake fender air vents you can buy at Autozone?

Switching off the music.

Only if Autozone sells the Vorsteiner kit for the M3.

damn that ruined a perfectly good looking car.

The racing, the car collecting, downloading some incredible paint or tune from the storefront and racing with it online. You know, to show my appreciation for all of their effort.

Muscle cars on Daytona !!!

I think most people will end up racing less at night and in the rain than they think. It is really a pain.

Anyway, I am looking forward to a polished racing game with a large community, since I have been playing PCARS since launch.

I’m for one am super excited for it. As much as I don’t care “too” much for DriveClub and Project Cars (which is alright when playable), I love night racing in them, as well as the crazy intense night + rain races in DC. Wish Forza did both at once but I’ll take 60fps night and rain separate and be happy for now. Looking forward to racing Ferraris in darkness :smiley:

I’m looking forward to racing in my favorite cars and race cars again that made it to the car list. :slight_smile:

I’ll probably be the only one but with the majority of the tracks (and hopefully layouts) back from Forza 4, I’m really looking forward to drag racing on the Hockenheim strip and Sonoma strip. Even though it’s mostly been half baked since Forza 4, its still the best drag racing game for Xbox One.

I havnt played a motorsport title since fm3 so I think the game is going to be very enjoyable for me. The thing I am looking forward to most is brands hatch. I grew up near the track and have watched many events there. My girlfriend bought me a driving experience for my birthday recently so will get to do some real laps there very soon.

The rain will bring some extra challenge and visual experience. I never expected them to have it for every track and I think the ones they have chosen are spot on. My favourite scenario will be piloting the 3.0 csl racing around brands hatch or the green hell in the rain. The addition of other tracks such as lime rock and Watkins Glen are great and I can’t wait to try some classic f1 cars. The variety of cars and tracks in this game is brilliant

Don’t currently have an XBOX One so I am planning to get the Forza Bundle so I can play Forza 6. I skipped Forza 5 and the Horizon series. Really looking forward to the improved graphics on the XBOX One. Also I live in Austin so I am not far from the Circuit of the Americas (COTA) track. So I am very interested in driving around it in any car since I am familiar with the track.

  • Free play with 450+ cars
  • 2-player split-screen with friends
  • Getting back into Career mode again
  • Engine sounds - hoping for the best
  • Collecting all the Forza rewards!