M.Rossi is back by the way

Did anyone notice M. Rossi and the rest of those CPU guys are back in Forza 6? I cant remember playing against them in Forza 5 so it was cool racing against them on unbeatable in the demo. Also…unbeatable is really unbeatable this time at least for me.

I saw him but he was slower than my drivitar friends. (or at least he finished one of the races last) …I was driving on the second hardest difficulty.

He was sandbagging surely. M. Rossi is not to be trusted.


You have got that right. I have unpleasant FM4 history with that gentleman, and I use the term very loosely.


I noticed, but I didn’t see Mueller or Brown,

Hah, doesn’t Rossi go back to FM2 days?

Not sure if anyone has noticed. Only reason I noticed was because my Xbox decided to put me into offline mode the other day when the Xbox update went live and kicked me offline because I needed to update to stay online.

But yeah, the drivatars disappeared and then AI names appeared. There was M.Rossi right at the front. Dunno if he’d driven fair to get there…

Funny really. I was strangely overjoyed to see him.


I think every 360 gen Forza racer has a deeply complicated hate / respect relationship with M. Rossi! Haha!


He’s not the one I hate. He was never the problem AI when I was racing.

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Agree. It was Mueller if I remember correctly. I found both of them in a recent race and they were mixed in w the drivitars. Both were way faster than my friends drivitars (which are way faster than me in actual online races) yet I smoke their drivitars on pro difficulty.

But Mueller tried to barge his way through on me / punt me off the track (as he did in past Forzas) and Rossi is faster but clean. At least he always has been for me.

Yep. Just like I remember.

Rossi is clean and very fast - doesn’t hurt he typically starts in first place - and Mueller races about as dirty as it gets.

I hope he was in a red car!


He was actually. But then the classic Maserati only comes in red anyway I think.

He gets mixed in with regular Drivatars. You don’t have to be completely offline to have him in a race. I haven’t seen him dominating like he used to, though.

Haha yeah, I’ve noticed all the AI from FM4 are back.

Awesome, I’m going to have to purposefully run some offline races so I can get up there and take him out again for old time sake. It bothered me that he always started on the pole with the best AI car so I would go take him out to give the other AIs a chance at some podiums :slight_smile:

god damn M. Rossi


Yep! I gave him a good punt into the wall, just like old times.

And then promptly restarted the race so my Drivatar won’t start doing that to everyone.


I race against M. Rossi, and all the original AI in Free Play. While I was in a S-800 he was in a R-816 gold Lamborghini.

When I first started playing Free Play and saw his name, I never thought I be happy to see it. It’s been fun so far.

I noticed that in both the endurance races I’ve done so far, there were no drivatars even though I was connected online. All the other drivers were original A.I. like Rossi and Mueller. When I go back to stories of Motorsport all the drivatars are back again plus M.Rossi once in a while.