LumpiestFish Photography - Brace Yourself, The Photos Are Coming

Awesome set Lumpiest, that last shot of the Alfa 33 is sick too. Loving those stacks!

Thanks HYH

Jeez, not many posts on here.

Know what you mean man, been really quiet around here and especially over in the Horizon media center.

Bump, again.

I like the composition and mood in the second to last shot.

Thanks Gorilla and Pebb

Been a while, new set.



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Awesome set! Love the ones of the containers and this -

has such an aggressive look and feel to it, awesome!

A whole new entity. Love it!


Nice photos, really like the sepia toned first one of the containers

Thanks Nights Viper and WindsweptDragon

I like the idea, behind this shot.

Thanks pebb

Thanks Evo,

New set.

Chaparral 2e & Renualt 5 Turbo

Xbox Racing Team Holden Commodore VF:

Chaparral 2e:

Renault 5 Turbo:


Wow. Nice work! Really like the Chaparral shots as they are very realistic in my opinion!


thanks Nights Viper and Lethal Drift