LuculentPigeon8’s Ultra realistic replica’s and own designs


Today I took the time to make OEM transmission swaps for several vehicles. Some vehicles in the game have a manual, so I looked up the official specs of the automatic transmission versions and vice versa. All cars are stock, with the exception of a couple like the Supra which has 2 versions; with and without the rear wing. The BMW M4 Competition also has 2 versions with and without M Performance bodykit.

Small list of cars:

  • 1998 Volkswagen Golf GTI VR6 4AT swap with BBS wheels (kind of Euro spec style):
    176 838 523

  • 1998 Volkswagen Golf GTI VR6 4AT swap:
    834 756 492

  • 2002 Corvette C5 Z06 4AT swap (made to look like stock C5):
    159 267 014

  • 1997 Volvo 850R Wagon 5MT swap (6th gear made useless and slightly tuned to 252 hp to match real car):
    232 971 379

  • 1992 Honda NSX-R 4AT swap (the regular NSX had an automatic option):
    116 924 358

  • 1997 Lexus SC300 ECT-iE 4AT swap:
    927 105 101

  • 1998 Toyota Supra ECT-S 4AT swap (with wing):
    139 440 711

  • 1998 Toyota Supra ECT-iE 4AT swap (with wing):
    539 312 053

  • 2002 Mazda RX-7 Spirit R Type-A EC-AT 4AT swap (pretty accurate Type C replica!):
    711 143 443

  • 2005 BMW M3 E46 Manual 6MT swap (standard in-game car has the SMG box):
    216 243 695

This is not the full list. Just go to my Creative Hub to see all the swaps.


I made a replica of the car from Getaway In Stockholm 5. I made 2 versions; one with and one without the decals. I made a few screenshots of the decals version seen in the movie. I always thought the framed decals were pretty cool. Seen here is a license plate but I omitted it in the Creative Hub.

It’s available in Forza Horizon 4 and 5.

Share codes:
Forza Horizon 4
Without decals: 402 311 693
With decals: 134 384 050

Forza Horizon 5
Without decals: 878 189 995
With decals: 940 647 111
Replica tune: 908 831 831 (not a necessarily a good tune, it’s meant to replicate the car as accurately as possible)

I made another replica of a Getaway In Stockholm car. This time the beautiful red Honda NSX from the 3rd movie! I always loved this car. During my early days of playing the old Forza Motorsports I tried to create a replica of it but I wasn’t that good at painting yet so I just slapped on a few logo’s on the back and side. It wasn’t accurate at all but this time I made sure it is. It features all stickers seen on the real car during the film and they’re all faithfully recreated. It may look like a simple paint but it’s actually far more complex than the GIS5 RX-7. The NSX has twice as many layers which is all due to the Calvin sticker on the side.

Some pictures:

The message on the back of the car is Swedish for “Flash with blue lights if you want to race”

The traditional burnout shot that’s on all the DVD covers. I just had to remake it :smile:


Forza Horizon 4: 683 173 537

Forza Horizon 5: 478 249 530

I made a small update to the design of the GIS3 NSX. I came to the conclusion that the HRE Vintage 505’s are a better alternative to the OZ Futura’s the real car has and I found out my wheel setup was one size too large. So I changed the rims and made them 16 inch front, 17 inch rear. I had to change the wheel paint a little for this and updated the thumbnails in my creative hub but the share codes should still be the same.

The updated design:

I found this car for sale online and immediately thought I had to make a replica of it, so here it is:

The real car:

More pictures and the ad:

I tried to work in all the details like the D being covered by the red stripe on the front of the car. Hope you like it!

Share codes:
FH4: 166 043 718
FH5: 811 188 333

Here’s my version of the 6 Underground car. It’s an exact replica of the cars used in the movie, so not the promo cars you see often!! This one has the proper carbon fiber details. Yes, all that black is supposed to be carbon fiber and this one has it :smiley:

Some quick pics:

As you can see in the shadows, the colour is a bit softer neon green/yellow and not bright. It has many accurate carbon details. I even made accurate license plates! The only thing missing is the roof spoiler, hood vents and carbon V-grille. Sadly those are not available in Forza (or maaaybe if we vote enough for it??). Finally in FH5 we can paint brake callipers so I made them black/anthracite like on the screen used cars.

Share code: 155 911 660

Note: Don’t forget to remove your license plate! :wink:

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