'Low Streaming Bandwidth' error plus getting dumped into a completely different course

The following has been happening to me for a couple of days now.

  1. I join a Team Adventure session.
  2. Just after the race starts, the camera spins around, the scenery disappears in big chunks, leaving a white void around the car.
  3. I get a ‘Low Streaming Bandwidth’ error.
  4. The scenery reappears and now I’m at the start of a different course (usually a PVP race I tried to start earlier by nobody joined).

So there I am, with the other players listed, with me in last place. I can see the chat thing. I can see people changing position in the race, etc. But for whatever reason, I’m on an entirely different course and there are no other cars. I can drive the course, although the race that everyone else is in eventually times out and I come last.

Anyone seen anything like this? I’m getting tired of my car being randomly teleported.

after a ong time it happen on me yesterday , didnt had this issue