Low Power REAL TIME ray tracing is now a thing.

Imagination PowerVR GR6500 Ray tracing hardware now exists, licence out the IP to hardware vendors.

So the next time someone claims Forza uses Ray tracing in real time, LOL.

One of the guys responsible for transfering decals from one forza to the next just traces the old ones, his names Ray.

Boom tish, I’ll give you that one WD :wink:

I’d like to see a more complex example, and something that’s interactive and in motion.

Nvidia GTC 2012 demo

Design Garage demo

Nvidia Design Garage interactive demo Requires GTX200 or greater GPU.

So if Nvidia did this with Keplar and a GTX200, then why is PowerVR’s tech even a topic?

because that is all you could do. It requires to much processing to do it within a real world game with acceptable framerates and eye candy.

This works similiar to a dedicated physX card. The GPU does everything else, this just does the ray tracing. The other reason is it uses far less power than previous attempts.

Nvidia actually has a lot of cool tech they have developed but the reality is they require a lot of power and arent implemented into games for that reason.


Hairworks 1.1


Unreal engine 4 HAD SVOGI ( Sparse Voxel Octree Global Illumination ) built into it, but then got removed because it was too intensive for actual games (consoles) and decided to move to using LightMass instead.