Lousy at drifitng, need suggestions for Winter Forzathon Live

It doesn’t help matters that I’m kind of bad at drifting to begin with (I’ve never 3 starred a drift zone), but trying to drift in my Hooligan RS200 with a general all around “Forzathon Live” tune (it’s great for everything but drifting), is getting embarrassing.

It doesn’t help matters that many times, as bad as I am, I’m STILL the best drifter in the group I’m in. I can tell by how fast the group number is adding up. If I’m scoring around 35,000 or 40,000 and I see two cars finish and both of them together only raise it 15,000, we might have a hard time finishing the third round.

I’m not necessarily looking for a tune or tips for the RS200, just wondering what experienced drivers are using on sloppy roads.