Loud, buzzing distortion coming from speakers when racing?

Was wondering if anyone else has experienced this? I thought my speakers had blown so I went and bought a new and expensive Bose Soundbar and subwoofer. Im still getting a buzzing and loud distortion coming with the engine sounds. I have changed the master volume on the game and have also changed the settings for audio on the xbox one various ways with the same result? I have hdmi for video and use a fiber optic for sound. I switched it to hdmi only and still the problem persists? Anyone experience this?


I haven’t experienced that. Whether using my Turtle Beach Dolby Headsets or my 7.1 Yamaha Receiver. My audio for Turtle Beach is HDMI to optical from TV. The Yamaha Receiver is optical.

try a different tune, it might be one of the parts or even tires with pressure too high. it might sound like it would in real life.

This may or may not help. But I’ve had the Forza sounds freak out on me. This is what I did to address it.

Go home with the game running. Hilight the box that says “Resume Forza” and then hit the menu button your controller. Select quit. This should force the game to turn off. Go back in and see if it helps. Otherwise you may need to hard boot your xbone. Do that by pressing the glowing white x on the front of the console for 5 seconds. Then power it back on after a few by touching that spot again.

I hope this clears up your issue.

I’ve had occasional crackling sounds and fizzing and popping with using the quick resume feature. Doing as you suggesting and quitting the game from time to time and doing a fresh start has helped fix it (until I resume enough times) for me.

I had the same issue with it. Im not sure if this fixed it but i just flipped my hdmi cord around and then the sound was gone. Im sure this wasnt what fixed it but the sound is gone

Having the very same issue. Crackling and fizzling on Tv and my XO sevens. Glad to know that there is a simple solution for it.

Same issue here.

I also encounter this problem now and then, especially from the front speakers. Rebooting the consoles fixes it.

Your experiencing the infamous static sound bug which has been discussed to death on this forum, particularly GTplanet.com.

Simply quit the game and relaunch it. It’ll go away for a while, but may return after a few races. Doesn’t matter if your online/offline. I believe it sometimes happens more with a certain combination of full grid cars, and maybe more so on certain tracks.

Anyhow, if the quitting/relaunching doesn’t resolve it, or it keeps returning, you can shutdown your console (a full shutdown), disconnect power brick, reconnect, wait for it to go from white to amber, and power up your console (power up/down your console from the console button and keep Energy Saving on).

Also a good idea to keep zero background tasks running in the background, and go into your gaming session first thing after a fresh boot. It also helps to clear Persistent Storage, Alternate MAC Address and Local Saved Games every now and then. Particularly the former two. Clearing Local Saved games may not be something you want to do too often, as it can take a while to resync game saves with the cloud.

Just about everybody experiences this bug at some point. It’s in the game (just like the occasional micro-stutters you see while racing), and apart from the above steps, there ain’t much we can do.

So, it’s not your sound system! :slight_smile:

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same issue on multiplay
very very noisy

Have you tried the suggestions above?

recur after restarted xboxone(clear cache)
on online, recur after a few racing.
too much bug sound

I’ve managed to get rid of mine.

Do this after EVERY session:

  • Clear Persistent Storage 2 to 3 times
  • Clear Alternate MAC Address
  • Always quit game when you’re done.
  • Keep Energy Saving on
  • Use the button on your console to turn it on and off
  • Very Important: do a cold boot every time you start up your console. (The power brick light should go from white to amber before you power it up)

Apart from the static sound bug, does your game stutter (screen hiccup or pause) at least once on every lap? It’s random actually, sometimes once or twice, sometimes none at all.