Lotus Type 66

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Lotus Type 66


Lotus Type 66 (2023)


Some video review of the car

This is a very cool car, would be very good for FM. It could be in FH5 too.

There has various Classic Can-Am Cars in FM, it would be fun a lot see this car compeating vs the Classics

Yeah, it would be really cool. This car was technically never a model back in the 60s or 70s, this car is actually designed off of scrapped lotus race car designs that were made back in the 60s, meaning this is a completely new model made this year, 2023.

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Yea, this what i meant about them racing vs the classics, really is a great exercise of “What if”

This car would go pretty well in FH5, maybe it can help a little bit from the fact that the Ferrari 512 S was cut from FH5.

It would be the most confusing car to put a year on, On one hand its a car designed in the 60’s but built in 2023. But not a restomod but as it would have been in the 60’s so… do they put the 60’s year on it?