Lotus f1 question

Why does the car go slower in 7th gear than 6th?
Seems odd to me that it maxes out at around 187 on the spa straight but in 6th it will get to 198.

I don’t recall ever encountering this. I will try it here in a bit but this is news to me.

I was getting passed by everyone’s ghosts on the straight bit. It keeps pulling in 6th for some reason and just quits in 7th. Might just be the tune I guess.

Yeah, it sounds like a bad transmission setup. I did a few laps of Spa in the E21 and my fastest speed was in 7th gear.

sap has elevation changes. you car will lose speed going up hill if it is in to high of a gear while a lower gear will actually accelerate up the hill. you might have been going downhill in 6th and uphill in 7th.

the reason is: once you are in 6th gear, you are already going very fast. by the time you shift into seventh gear, due to the massive amount of downforce on the car, it loses a few MPH, and you usually can’t get them back by the end of the straight.

It might be a 6 gear tune. Doesn’t mean it’s bad to tune it that way. Not all the top tunes on that car are tuned to use all 7 gears.

well you use it…but only on old lemans which is down hill tward the end of the longest straight in the game.

It’s the hill then at work. The section in question was the loooong uphill first bit on spa. That being said, the finishing long straitish bit is also slower on 7 th. I’ll go back to stock and see if it behaves similarly. Thanks.