Lotus elise 111S has HUGE spots that cannot have Vinyl on them

Quiet a bummer seeing this is possibly my favorite affordable car in this game… I was looking forward to customizing this
Hopefully itll be fixed.

Don’t worry - with weekly rewards and time spent playing all cars in the game will very quickly become affordable.

Hopefully it gets fixed, but prepare to be disappointed. If for no other reason, if you plan to be disappointed and it gets fixed then it is a pleasant surprise. If you plan on it being fixed (because it’s not really a priority right now) and it never gets fixed, you will be disappointed forever.

I think he means affordable in real life.

Just had to look myself and yes your right.

Lotus 111


I’ve found it’s also quite glitchy (I’ve found this glitch on a couple other cars as well) where paint holes and rips appear and there is just nothing you can do with them. the Elise 111S I gave up on because there’s one area of the car that if you put a vinyl on part of that vinyl shows up further down the car and if you try to cover that spot with another vinyl then it covers the original vinyl you were trying to patch over. I’ve seen this on several cars but so far the Elise 111S has been the worst.