Lotus E23 Hybrid F1 unveiled. Likely to be included in Forza 6.

Thought this deserved it’s own thread as it’s not technically a wish list car because this hasa very good shot of being included.

So since the Lotus F1 team is sponsored by Microsoft, I’d say there’s a good chance that this Mercedes powered beast will make it’s way into Forza 6 the same way the E21 was in Forza 5.

Here’s hoping cos it looks like it could be a great car.


I agree it would be a good inclusion in the game.

I partially agree that it is likely.

I believe a likely, hopelist is still a wishlist. I am wishing with you though.

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This is more like a guess list. but I could definitely see it make it in the game. A wish list would include a silver arrow merc from last year.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand here comes the thread lock…

Meh, it’s not too far off topic just yet. Though they’re definitely running on the edge of the wall… Lol

Lol NASidney is running a fine line with his wish ;p.

I try to not be too hard on people that wish for cars because I catch myself trying to do it a lot as well. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve went to post something, only to realize I’ve said “I wish xx car was in Forza” nearly a dozen times in a single post. XD

If I catch myself I’ll usually just cancel my post and go cry in a corner that a car I want isn’t in game. Er, forget I said that…

If I can finally get the money for an X1 this year I am so doing that! I know who’d win, but I still think it’d be really amazing to see and hear all three incarnations of the GT (which is arguably the most important race/supercar America’s ever had) running a drag together.

True enough. But here is another guess. Of course this is obvious, but with all the Fords, you know the GT40, and the previous ford GT are coming back. be kinda nice to get all three of them all together for a drag race. but that is totally off topic.

for back on topic I wonder if the E23 is improved enough to compete with those silver arrows.

Do we really need this thread ? If theres going to be 200+ cars in the game will every one of them deserve a thread and who is to say that this car deserves one anymore then the VW Rabbit ? Im not saying your post doesnt have merit but I think it should be in the car wishlist thread.

We could totally make a VW rabbit thread, but which year or are we going to discuss the virtues of the whole line?

It depends… The OP put it in the FM6 Discussion section which suggests it’s a wishlist, but the topic itself could fit under the General Automotive Discussion section. From my point of view, if people wanna talk about the car in real world terms the thread should just be moved. If it sticks with the “I want it in FM6” theme a lock would be fair enough. Just my $0.02…