Lost Saves and Invalid Profile issues

Lost Saves and Invalid Profile issues

Lost saves are issues that should be dealt with directly through Forza Support. The following article is meant to provide troubleshooting to attempt to recover an older or lost save for players. Sometimes this is not possible and the player will need to delete their old save and make a new save so they can continue playing the game, in these cases our support agents can return the inventory (Cars, Credits, Vanity items, Wheel Spins) we can identify from your last save.

Please submit a ticket once you have completed the steps for your device and have played on the new save and unlocked online mode.

One of our Support Agents will be able to verify that you’ve completed the steps successfully and will be able to assist further. If the steps were not done successfully, we will let you know to try again. Unfortunately, we will not be able to help further if the steps have not been completed correctly. We will not be able to return any lost progress or return your old save. We will produce a 1:1 match to your inventory for Forza Horizon players.

Unfortunately, we will NOT be able to return any Forzathon Points, Skill Points, Level, Experience, Tokens, or Progress.

The link to submit a Lost Saved Data Ticket is at the bottom of the article:

Posts may be merged with this one to keep the subject together, but in these cases users must still go through the steps above.