Lost game save, can I get my storefront designs back?

As per the title, I’ve lost my game saves for Forza 3, 4 and Horizon due to a hard disk failure, is there any way to recover the designs that I had in my storefront?

You can download them like everyone else can )ie buying them), but they will be like all other storefront purchases and will be locked so you will not be able to modify them.

You cannot download your own designs.

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And how can we get our design back then? I mean come on you could upload them, why not download em again ?
Cant be that hard to do!

Tonight, I will purchase as many designs from Enog as I can, and then gift them all to him. Hope this helps.

Unless your game is modded you won’t be able to gift him his designs back because they are locked. Enog unless you can find them on your hard drive there is no way to get them back other than making them all over again