Lost $1.4million car!

Purchased Honda Indy car. Went to garage car was there. Shut console off to go to work. Next day car was not there. Neither was my $1.4million. Pretty much irritated right now. Want one or the other back. Spend hours on endurance races for nothing. So if anyone here can help let me know.

Sorry to hear that,that cant good

I can’t help you to get the car back but hours on Endurance Races? Unsure if you thought of adding some Mod Cards but after doing some Endurance myself yesterday, the lowest payout I had was 480,000Cr (including VIP and Mod cards) and the highest was slightly over 1 Million.

As you may have seen in any FM-game to date; there is no shortage on credits. Seeing you only have 110G on FM6, I would suggest playing the Career a bit more and in no time you will earn bucketloads of money and buy 10 Indycars.