Loss of all progress, money, cars upon reinstalling Forza horizon 4 on new SSD. PLEASE HELP


Today I bought an M2 SSD and wanted Forza horizon 4 te be installed on my new SSD, as it is my favorite game. First I tried to use the windows app manager to convert the game from my old drive to my new one. Unfortunatly I think something must have gone wrong in doing so. Upon loading the game world Forza crashed every time. So i decided to do a fresh download and install, directly on my new ssd. Now the game works on my new M2 SSD drive, but I lost all my progress. Please help me, I have put hours and hours into this game. I completed every race, collected every collectible, smashed every board, had a very high level, an had bought all the houses. It would be insanely frustrating if I would have lost it all, I’m getting pretty nervous about it.

Hope you guys can help me out.

Greetings of a very sad Forza fan.

sounds like you never let it sync properly after reinstalling and your save got overwritten
don’t think they can fix your save but best contact support and see hat they can do, maybe send you credits and cars

I actually let it synchronize. I got a pop up right before I could enter the game. The pop up said it was synchronizing, something must have gone wrong during this. Thanks for the tip, I’ll contact them.