Losing Cloud Saves. Fix It Already.

This issue has been a problem with forza for a long time, a friend lost all his FM5 data a while ago and now it was my turn.
30 million and a ton of cars in FH2. How can this still happen? There must be thousands of people experiencing this issue every year but nothing is getting done.
I haven’t found the will to complete the beginning of the game yet (it is extremely boring and you spend more time listening then driving, something to change for the next game)
but i hope i still have my LV, seriously T10 and PG, you are losing people and the loyal people that stick with you gets really pissed. This game is still 5/10 compared to FH1 and i might just
stop playing it. Why not just skip the cloud and if people want to upload, then let them. To Bad, just to bad.

It’s not actually Turn 10 or Playground Game’s fault, but rather Microsofts. If the game save fails to sync, then the system assumes that you want to scrap both the cloud and local saves and start from scratch.

Yes, it’s incredibly stupid.

Don´t think Microsoft is to blame that much though, ever heard of these issues on other games? I sat for 5h+ today trying to sort it, chatted with MS and finally ended up stuck at 100% sync. Miss the 360 HDDs and the fact that if you were going to play somewhere else, you brought a physical save…

To an extent you /could/ blame Forza for having such huge save files that are more likely to cause sync issues. But there really is no excuse for why the console itself is overwriting game saves without prompting the user to check if they actually want to.

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