Looking to join a Team

I’m looking to join a racing club or team for Forza 6. I"m 28 years old and I have been racing since FM2. I use the controller and in car view w/ manual and clutch. I turn all assists off except the driving line, I like to keep the line on full. I race late at night, I normally will get on around 11pm central time. I can get on earlier but I normally dont. Most weekends I’m free in the winter and can play in the afternoon or evenings. I can help your team by tuning cars but I’m not exceptional at tuning, However I am a very good driver. I can race in all the classes but I like to race in A class or slower. My favorite classes are B and C. I’d like to join a team that holds events like 90’s imports or American classics. I do not care what the events are or what cars I will need to buy to join. I’m very excited to join a team or club and have some great close and clean races. At first I did not like the collisions of FM6 because I felt they were not violent enough. Example if you door someone in a corner 99% of the time both cars should end up in the grass. The collision in FM6 compared to the previous games seem less violent, less damage which should make for closer races. I’m excited about it, now. I was disappointed at first but now I like what they have done. (I think, time will tell) If I got to create an event, I choose road america for the track and E30 m3 for the car. Or I’d create an event like must be less than 350hp and RWD and it must weigh 3000+ lbs. Something along those lines. It would be fun to group tune or work on a certain car for the team. If you team would like someone like myself. Please shoot me a message any way you wants. I will be willing to give my phone number out to our team so we can stay in touch easier. HMU Dirty Pontiac

I’m Starting one up. I’m going to be Competing in Racing Series and Endurance Races. If your interested, add me on Xbox STALLIONO They we’ll go from there