Looking to Hire...

I’m looking to hire a logo painter. I have tried my hand several times to make the logos I need for the ideas I have…but I have had no luck. My friend in Forza 2 who used to do my logos for me is not around to help me this time so I’m throwing out an offer for someone to take his place.

What I need is someone who will be willing to do multiple logos for me. Basically, to produce the logos I need for the ideas I have in a fairly timely manor. I’m not bossy or demanding so the turn around time does not have to be lightning quick.

I’m will give the logo painter a shout out on my gallery page for the logo work because everyone deserves their due for the work they do in this game. I’m willing to pay per logo or in lump sums for groups of completed logos.

Currently, I have 10 logo ideas I need filled so whomever signs on for this could do it one at a time or lump sum depending on how you want to do things. Again, I’m not picky on the details of payment I’m willing to work within the logo painters requests for delivery and payment. Amounts to be paid can be discussed later.

What I need so far so you are not going into this blind:

  1. Make-A-Wish X 2

  2. A cancer cure ribbon
  3. Aer Lingus
  4. Monster Energy Drink
    6 - 10. several product logos from onnit.com, the logos for this one are hard to find images for except on the website itself so we can discuss these when you get to them.

Im your guy. Ive done multiple logos before.

Sounds good to me. Having tried and failed several times to make the logos look good, I’ve gained a whole new respect for just how good my friend was at making them and how much I miss having someone’s help. Thank you for the offer to help. I’ve never had to work with someone I don’t know personally…what’s the next logical step in the process?