Looking for R2 class setups files please

Hi everyone, i was wondering if anyone has really fast tuning files for R2 class for the following vehicles :

  1. 2003 Astra V8
  2. Mosler
    3 Furai

Basically any R2, PLEASE HELP

Check the sf

Search these gamertags for each car,

Astra: HMR Motorhead
Mosler: F1R Speed Neo
Furai: Daveyskills

All of these are great tunes from great drivers. I use my own setups, but these will definitely fit the bill.

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thank you so much man, i am gonna give it a whirl… thanks for the feedback. MFBigfoot79, you want me to check your SF?

No I meant look on the SF for what you were looking for. I didn’t know any specific people to look for.

thanks guys , tried some of your seggestions…and it really helped me… CHEERS

Glad the Astra helped buddy!

you betya it helped!!! thankx…just what i wanted