Looking for people to TANDEM

whats up guys, just looking for people or a club to tandem with. im just tired of going through lobbies for hours trying to find people that can drift let alone tandem. and when i do find a lobby with people drifting 9 outta 10 times theyre just doing figure 8s in the parking lot. if anyone is interested hmu my gt is skillphraym please be 18+ yrs old. im usually on at night around 8 est.
i really hate the figure 8 more than NICE in FH2.

What platform? I feel the same about public lobbies


Always up to tandem hit me up [Namecanorock]

Add me ARO Dominus

Add me, anyone is free too. Thought posting on another thread would get this out there more. Lets Tandem, Parking lot, streets, drift zones, dirt roads, it doesn’t matter. SmokeOn DzLines, add me.

Add me Jrod EA on xbox

GT- JDMWatkins.

Finding good lobby’s is rare on public, then when you do normally there’s some 10 year old in a 4x4 ramming people.