Looking for people to race with.

Tried my first few online races last night and I remembered why I haven’t played FM Multiplayer since FM3, The endless pile-ups. For someone that just likes pure racing it’s extremely frustrating. On Horizon it’s much easier to deal with due to wide open tracks, but with the narrow tracks here, the chances of finding a good group of people to race with randomly is 1 in a million. So anyone who just enjoys racing and wants to do it somewhat correctly message me on Live. Dr Hoc


Added You. GT RogueWolf I77V

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I’ll be on after work, usually get home 5:30-6:00 EST.

can u add me I’m always on

added you gt Your Face 8626

You can add me, I play most nights- Chazzz27

I’m always on everybody can add me, I like playing wit new people since fm4 #1 crew!!$$

Holding race lobby tonight if anyone wants to race reply and let me know !

Feel free to add me guys I’m getting tired of public lobbies! Meowingtonsz

add me as well


I too can’t stand it when people fail to take turns going 803923723823 MPH and cause 24-car pile ups. I do my best to race the way you’re supposed to race so i’ll gladly race with you. Can’t say i’m the perfect racer but I don’t deliberately cause corner ruckus.

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I am the same way. Anyone that appreciates people attempting to race cleanly, please feel free to add me: TheGodfather308.

I’m in th UK, usually on around 10pm UK time. Please add me. The public lobbies are insane

Will race anytime I’m on, just add me :slight_smile: I’m a UK player with a mic also :slight_smile:

Add me looking for people to run with that don’t like to pile up and just got a wheel to

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Please add me as well…as neck and neck, door to door racing is where it’s at! Gamertag is Roush Sport.


Add me… I’m usually online and looking to race…


I’m looking for clean racers also. Add my GT if anyone from US east coast interested to race sometime. Also would be interested to join some race league.

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I’m always looking for clean people to race with aswell. Hit me up if anyone wants to race. I’m usually on like 12p-7pEST but could be later depending on the day.
I need clean lobbies because I race what everyone else doesn’t, so I use all the trucks, vans, etc but I’m not a dick wrecker with them, I’m actually racing seriously.

Sup People’s !!!

Always looking to race with some good competition!!!

Add me if you want and lets race!!!