Looking for friends and people who love FM5! Prague Enduro race

Hi everyone, xS GOAT here looking to meet some people around my age who are pretty good and enjoy FM5 as much as I do. Started playing during FM2 and have been hooked since. I am 23 and like to have fun while playing! I also race very serious, CLEAN and consider my self faster than the average. I usually race more S class and currently in the top 200-400 for the majority of tracks. I am starting to race more classes so any class is fine! I love the Forza community (except for people who only crash you) so shoot me a FR or a message and we’ll hook up.

I am wanting to participate in the Prague Endurance race for this weekend so if anyone is interested, we can try and get more clean racers in the lobby and have a better time.

Gamertag- xS GOAT lets make it happen!

If you want i can help you get into a clean racing league with other faster then average guys like myself. Although i can’t tell you where im ranked as i don’t do leaderboards much i am 33ish on long beach x class so i aint slow at all :slight_smile: