Looking for fellow racers

I have patently been waiting and the time has come, in July my wife surprised me by pre-ordering me the Forza 6 console on amazon. Now that it is the 15th hopefully it arrives today because I am biting at the bit. I am looking for fellow racers to hook up with later for private lobby races. My screen name is STIGnTraining00 , you can add me if you would like.

Added you! Don’t know if I be able to get on until Thursday though.

Add me we do street drag build every night

Awesome…I’ll add ya when I get it or when I can get onto my 360. Unfortunately, even though we pre-ordered the Forza 6 console back in July, Amazon says it will not ship until between the 21st-25th…so I still got to wait, I feel like a kid waiting for Santa to come down the chimney LOL

Added. GT Deluxe Walrus

Feel free to add me!

We race every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday night at 10:30p Eastern US starting October 1st. We are doing WTCC on Sundays and B Class on Thursdays. If you’re interested I’ll add you and invite you at race time.

Im still learning but i race clean. Feel free to add me… .

add me I’m on always ,I love this game!!

Feel free to add me.

I’m also addable :wink: always drive clean online :slight_smile: