looking for cruising and meets A-C class

hey guys anybody on looking to cruise and race with true street cars? A class and below


I’d be interested in racing. Especially if you do some drivetrain specific races.

Add me up id be happy to cruise and race whit u and ur friends . GT MrGandalf4TW

Feel free to add me as well, I’d be happy to cruise when I have free time.
GT: strife67

I’m on at weird hours while stationed overseas right now, but that’s my favorite classes to run! GT: THE B00MB0X (the 0s are zeros)

Edit: For real, Forza? I can’t even put the word class as a multiple with an “es” without getting censored? lol

Sure add me too
GT - OneBigCamel2

I’m in

GT - MindMuddled