Looking for a rivals team

Hi all, its been a while since ive played forza competively as i didnt play much of FM5 as i found it was a letdown due to it being rushed for release, however FM6 has me gripped and im sure that most of you if not all of you are constantly on the demo! I now think its time i got back into setting times on the leaderboards i have been in some great clubs since FM2 (AMGV) being my most recent where we had some great drivers reaching the top 1% with ease, my drive prefrences are No abs,tcs or stm whilst using manual/W clutch. My lap times are averaging below the top 600 in europe and below top 1000 in the world however this i know can be improved as i was hitting top 300 in the world on FM4. I would like to get back into setting times so if there are any teams that are serious for setting times but also understand that they cant be online 24/7 due to work and social reasons then hit me up! [Club History: PHase1,V12,VRD,AMGV].