Looking for a regular clean race team

Hi all

First off I’m not the best but I try and always try to learn.
I’m and adult gamer from Worcester trying to find a clan/team that has weekly events.

Only play for multiplayer but so frustrated I finally get up to 3rd… And some sod takes me out lol.

My gamer tag is llewellyn5.

Message me on the Xbox :slight_smile:

Sorry to hijack your post, but I’m also looking for a good decent race team. I’m not too bad I’ve been playing since forza 1 so hit me up with a msg if you would like me to join. My GO is… jamesymc27

Check out ERT older experianced drivers that run a fun clean lobby, wide variety of events and F6 events are just gearing up

evercoolracing.com is where we post all events on F4 & F6 F5 is dead from our club racing standpoint

I am on my way Vader.